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These  beautiful beaded "Forever Lei" are made using a variety of white tones and textures (white, pearlized, glossy, transparent or matte). In our photos are two beautiful White Beaded Wedding Lei for Bride (26") and Groom (32"). As you planning to wed on Maui or want an unusual Wedding gift consider these beautiful necklace lei. We specialize in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. These beaded lei are handmade on Maui and come with your choice of magnetic end caps (silver, gold, bronze, pearl white). There truly is no other place in the world to purchase these unique Lei. Only through Akalei  Designs will you find these exclusive Hawaiian Lei made using glass beads, fresh water cultured pearls, gemstones and nature's own materials (e.g., wood beads, shell, seeds).

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Hawaiian White Wedding Lei Necklace - Frosted White- 21”
  • $110.00

Hawaiian Necklace Lei

Opalescent White (Wedding) Orchid Lei - 25”
  • $125.00


Stunning White Wedding "Unicorn" Glass Beaded Lei Necklace - 25"
  • $185.00


White Wedding Ginger Contemporary Lei Necklace - 22"
  • $180.00