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Hawaii is filled with inspiration with the lovely beaches, landscapes, flowers and lei. After years of studying with some of the world's most talented kumihimo braiding artists and teachers it was a perfect time to explore different bead shapes, colors and patterns and to expand the designs when arriving on Maui in early 2020. This particular pattern was by a British jewelry designer "Claire at Sulis Designs" and with her pattern I was able to "play" with these Japanese braids -  "Edo Yatsu" and "Kongo Gumi".

This blend of two completely different braiding techniques creates a blended look in these necklaces  - one part is beaded a single bead at a time (kongo gumi), and the middle section is created by weaving beaded cords (continuous beaded braiding- Edo Yatsu) which allows the center portion to fall loosely in the middle. Each necklace is woven using over one-thousand beads then finished with a magnetic end clasp. Ideas are endless and custom orders can be done normally within two weeks.

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Hawaiian Beaded Oimatsu Rope™ - Blended Terra-Cotta Hues with Focal Bead (27")
  • $180.00

Art Jewelry

Black & Raspberry Blended Kumihimo Necklace - 24"
  • $85.00

Hawaiian Necklace Lei

Yellow & Green Picasso Blended Kumihimo Necklace - 22.5"
  • $65.00


Lavender Lights Blended Kumihimo Necklace - 24"
  • $75.00