Finding the right kumihimo equipment.

As an avid braider since 2017 when I was stuck on the couch for 7 months due to three unique foot surgeries I discovered the art of kumihimo braiding. As an art form it was dominate in Japan for hundreds of years. 

Here is a quick introduction:


There are many braid types - the standard one I enjoy designing is called Kongo Gumi which also has a rich history:


If you are a beginner I suggest you first start off with a kumihimo foam disk before purchasing the more expense marudai stand which is what I use in most of my creations. The graphic shown here with the green thread is an example of one with 16 bobbins (or Tama) loaded with Japanese silks. This is a basic introduction to kumihimo braiding:

For more advanced braiders I recently discovered this Inside Out braid from the Wikipedia site on kumihimo and thought it was fascinating.